Pipe Gaskets

Pipe gaskets are used in many municipal applications, such as water supply and sewerage systems. They make up just a tiny part of the overall cost of a pipe network, yet their failure can result in very expensive repairs and warranty claims.

Gulf gaskets are precision engineered to maintain their sealing performance for the life cycle of a pipe installation, which can be up to 100 years. We manufacture gaskets for PVC, ductile Iron, concrete, FRC (Fibre Reinforced Concrete) and polypropylene pipes.

What makes Gulf pipe gaskets different


We can work closely with you to design our gaskets to integrate perfectly with your pipes and meet the specific demands of your pipe application.

Robust engineering analyses

We subject our gaskets to advanced engineering analyses, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Rigorous testing

  • Our gaskets are designed to withstand the rigours and impacts of pipe installations.
  • We perform short and long term Positive Pressure, Vacuum and Deflection Testing on our in-house test rig. Our equipment can test to a range of international standards including ASTM D3139, BS4346 and AS1477.
  • Our Interface Pressure Rig lets us determine the length of the sealing portion of a gasket, and the maximum pressure this length can hold.
  • We use a Wallace Compression Stress Relaxometer to test the ability of a polymer to maintain its sealing function, which is critical to the long term life of the gasket.

World class technology

We hold a number of worldwide patents and design registrations for pipe gaskets.

International approvals

Our pipe sealing compounds meet a range of international standards, including ASTM F477, EN681-1, ISO4633, AS1646 and MS672.

  • Higher tensile strength flange gaskets

    Flange Gaskets

    Our flange gaskets seal many different pipes, including those used in the reticulation, dairy and wine industries. read more