Gulf manufactures high performance fabric reinforced diaphragms. These flexible seals transmit fluid pressure but not the fluid itself. They are used in pressure switches, flow regulators, pumps and fluid control valves.

What makes Gulf diaphragms different


We can produce diaphragms to handle a range of fluids (such as water, gas and fuel) and service conditions (including chloramine resistance in potable water, resistance to automotive fluids such as fuel, refrigerant, engine oil, brake and transmission fluid).

Superior design

Our diaphragms are designed with low activation forces, linear activation function and high levels of reliability and repeatability.

Precision engineering

We specialise in manufacturing diaphragms where dimensional control and guaranteed material properties are crucial.We can manufacture diaphragm walls that are as thin as 0.2mm.

Zero defects

Our automated inspection systems guarantee the zero defect manufacture for critical applications, such as appliance pressure switches and automotive fuel regulators.

Rigorous testing

We put our diaphragms through rigorous in-house testing to ensure good long term performance in the areas of stress relaxation, heat and fluid ageing, and ozone and chloramine resistance.


We are expereinecd in using a range of different elastomers including natural rubber, SBR, NBR, EPDM, silicone, fluoroelastomer, fluorosilicone, polyurethane and polyacrylate.

International approvals

Our diaphragms meet a range of international potable water approvals.

  • Pressure compensating (PC) emitter diaphragms

    Pressure compensating emitter diaphragms

    PC emitters drip precise amounts of water along irrigation drip lines, regardless of varying pressure caused by undulating terrain. Gulf manufactures the high precision silicone diaphragms that are the core of this technology. read more

  • LPG/CNG diaphragms

    LPG/CNG diaphragms

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LPG/CNG 1st and 2nd stage diaphragms, we supply the top producers of LPG/CNG reducers and equipment in the automotive market. read more

  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms

    Fabric reinforced diaphragms

    Gulf produces a range of fabric reinforced diaphragms, as well as rolling diaphragms and convoluted diaphragms, for applications in the automotive, industrial and water industries. read more