A variety of different rubber and plastic parts for the water industry

Valves, pumps and many other types of water fittings require a variety of different rubber and plastic parts. Manufacturers need durable, high-quality parts. And they’re also looking for components that simplify and speed up their production processes.


Why Gulf?


Gulf’s team offers significant cross-functional design expertise and in-depth knowledge of materials for specific applications. We hold all relevant international approvals and can produce products very quickly.


Our unique expertise in streamlining existing products allows us to reduce costs, using tougher materials and fewer components.

Rigorous testing

Experienced in building test rigs, we perform thorough endurance testing and rubber exposure testing with Ozone and Chloramine.

International certifications

Standardsmark, Watermark, WRAS, KIWA, UL and FM certified, KTW, ACS, NSF, W270 and AS4020.


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